Sample of Baka family Rapeh - Kariri Xoco People

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Working with Rapeh is a great way to clear and balance your energy.

The indigenous people in Brazil call it a "spiritual shower". It is recommended to research this sacred practice before working with Rapeh to ensure it is the right option for you. It is also important to know where the sacred medicine you are buying comes from. Connection with the indigenous people keeps the purity of this practice intact.

Rapeh is a legal sacred shamanic snuff medicine pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English.

Rapeh ceremonies can help us to move stuck energies, open-up our vision and help us to have a clear sight. It helps us to re-align our energy centres, brings grounding energies, releases blockages in our emotions and in our spirit. It helps to open our spiritual eye, clear mental confusion and negative thoughts.

Rapeh also helps to refine our energy in order to connect from a deeper place with Spirit.

About the applicators for Rapeh: In Brazil, the self-applicator pipe is known as ‘Kuripe’, and the blowpipe is known as a ‘Tepi’.

When you buy from our shop you are helping indigenous people from various parts of Brazil.