60-Second Shiatzu


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60-Second Shiatzu: How to Energize, Erase Pain and Conquer Tension in One Minute When things are going great, the world is on your string. Other days are filled with fatigue, tension, and pain. Those discomforts seem to creep in too often and bring on a migraine, a queasy upset, stomach, a stiff neck, or a tight jaw. Would you like to do more than temporarily relieve the aches? Do you want to energize, ease pain and conquer tension in one minute naturally? Shiatzu is your answer. Shiatzu is easy and you can learn it right now. Is your head a bit achy? Just hold your left hand out in front of you. Now place your right thumb on top and your right index finger underneath your left palm in the "web" between the thumb and base of the first finger. Simply massage with gentle, circular motions at this shiatsu point using a light amount of pressure. Relief is on the way. You've just sampled shiatsu. See—there are no mystical movements to master or complicated techniques to learn. Inside you'll learn to relieve everything from PMS to backache. Shiatzu, sometimes called acupressure, is an ancient Japanese practice of massaging and applying pressure to the body's meridians. You're about to learn how to use shiatzu to relax, unwind and improve your health when dealing with snarled traffic, office hassles, family quarrels or life's non-stop challenges. Eva Shaw, Ph.D., is an advocate for healthful, natural living. She is a writer, ghostwriter, writing professor,, and breast cancer survivor.

Author: Eva Shaw


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